Ginger at the Arboretum - Ginger Catering
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“Our restaurant offers contemporary Australian cuisine, with dishes simply prepared with care, to share. Our produce is sourced primarily within Canberra’s 100-mile foodshed to support good farming in our region. Our focus is on organic and biodynamic produce, heirloom meats, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and sustainable sea and fresh water foods. Our desire is to nurture hopes and ideas in an arbour within a national vegetable and herb garden, surrounded by food forests to sustain a city.”

Executive Chef Janet Jeffs

Our restaurant “Ginger at the Arboretum” formally known as ‘”The Conservatory Restaurant” will be re-opening from Monday 23 November for Christmas Lunches. Join us to celebrate the restaurant opening and festive season!

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday, Lunch from 12pm

Saturday and Sunday, Brunch from 9am to 11am


Telephone: (02) 6130 0173

Email: restaurant@gingercatering.com.au


Village Centre, national Arboretum Canberra

We are back!

Now seating up to 320 people,

indoor and outdoor seating available.

View our Arboretum Café menu